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Grammatical Cohesion in The Google Adwords Fundamentals

DWI, WAHYUDI SETYO (2015) Grammatical Cohesion in The Google Adwords Fundamentals. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      As a leading advertisement product nowadays in internet, Google provides information and tutorial of The Google Adwords Fundamentals of its website. The Google AdWords Fundamentals has to have a good cohesion. In this case, Google should pay attention on the rule of writing, such its grammar, vocabulary used, and the lexical devices. This study aim to find out the types of grammatical cohesion and describe the grammatical cohesion in The Google AdWords Fundamentals. The research of this study is limited to all clause that have types of grammatical cohesion. This research used descriptive qualitative method in order to describe and identify the grammatical cohesive devices used in The Google AdWords Fundamentals. The technique of data analysis in this research was based on Halliday and Hasan (1976) by reading the data, analyzing and classifying the clause into the types of grammatical cohesion, and then drawing conclusion. From the analysis of The Google Adwords Fundamentals, the researcher can conclude that The Google Adwords Fundamentals uses grammatical cohesive devices in constructing the text. Actually grammatical cohesive devices help the readers to easily understand the text in The Google Adwords Fundamentals. The largest grammatical cohesive device number is the Personal References, 555 words (50. 14 %). There are Additive Conjunctions with 209 words (22. 20 %) which means it is the second most used cohesive device in The Google Adwords Fundamentals. The grammatical cohesive devices that occurred in The Google Adwords Fundamentals shows that the Personal References became the primarily use. First because Advertisement Company feels the need of comfortable text and makes the reader feels closer because the Personal Reference points the reader directly. Secondly, because the data was taken from written data so basically it has reference or conjunction devices in nature.

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