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Motive in Revealing Truth in James Watkin’s The Woman in Black

RULLY, WIRAWAN AKBAR (2015) Motive in Revealing Truth in James Watkin’s The Woman in Black. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This thesis entitled ‘Motive in Revealing Truth Reflected by Arthur Kipps as the main character in James Watkin’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK’, is aim at analyzing motive of Arthur Kipps. This is a descriptive qualitative study focuses on analyzing verbal data. Two approaches were used, namely Structural and Psychological approaches. Character, conflict, and setting were analyzed by Structural approach, while the psychology condition of the main character was analyzed by Psychological approach. Arthur Kipps is described as a caring father and friend, brave, curious, loyal, smart, and stubborn. Based on more than one trait and the changing of the character, Arthur Kipps belongs to round dynamic character. He experiences internal conflict which reminds him of his late wife, but strengthens him to solve the oddities of Eel Marsh house, he also experiences external conflict against Mr. Daily, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Jerome, Villagers, the Woman in Black, and environment. Settings in this film divided into setting of place; Crythin Gifford, Gifford Arms, and train station. Setting of time of this film is in the 20th century. Setting of social is a society in England who believes in supernatural things. The truth that the main character struggles to solve is the story of the woman who has lost her son died under the mud. Her son is adopted by her own sister who always tries to get rid of her from the son. Then the woman commits to suicide and never be in peace until she finds her son. Arthur Kipps’ motives to solve the truth are; Primary Drives, which he has to take the job in Eel Marsh house to earn salary for his family can eat food. Stimulus Motives, in order to help the woman reunite with her son and to end the terror, he has plans that have to be done. Learned Motives, in the end of the film, Arthur Kipps, along with Joseph, meets his late wife that he misses her so much. They be together again as a family.

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