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Dolly`s Possessiveness in Ruth Rendell`s The Killing Doll

LINDA, SUTJIPTO ARDIANING (2016) Dolly`s Possessiveness in Ruth Rendell`s The Killing Doll. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    ABSTRACT Sutjipto, Ardianing Linda. 2016. Dolly’s Possessiveness in Ruth Rendell’s The Killing Doll. English Study Program, Dian Nuswantoro University. Adviser: Haryati Sulistyorini, S.S., M.Hum. Key words: anxiety, Dolly, Freud, possessive, psychology. This thesis presents Ruth Rendell’s The Killing Dolly. The story tells about Dolly’s anxiety. Doreen Yearman (Dolly) as the main character is a weird, alcoholic, introvert, lonely, possessive, anxious, unconfident, ambitious, care, and adult woman. The analysis began by describing main character, conflict experienced by the main character, setting and the anxiety of the main character. The structural approach was applied to describe and scrutinize the sructural elements, such as character, conflict and setting. Meanwhile, the psychological approach is used to analyze Dolly’s Anxiety. After analyzing the novel, the result indicates that Dolly is described as a static character. She is not changing in the course of the end of the story. Toni experiences two kinds of conflict, they are intenal and external conflict. She experiences internal conflict when Dolly wants to share her story to another people. Then, she becomes very upset, if Pup rejects her request. Dolly often hears sounds and voices that she believes come from her Edith’s and Myra’s spirit. Her external conflict happens between Dolly and her father-Mr. Harold, Mr, Brewer, Pup, Myra-her step mother, and Dearmit. Actually, Dolly never knows about Dearmit. She is killed by Dearmit. This story happens during winter, autumn, summer, day time and evening time. Then, there are 3 settings in the story. First, the settings of time; they are: winter, autumn, summer, day time and evening time. Second, the settings of place are Mistey Tunnel, Manningtree, Dolly’s house, and Pup’s temple. The last is setting of social environment that shows Dolly social status is middle high. Finally, Dolly feels anxious when Edith passed away. Dolly can become possessive person because in the past her mother, Edith never lets Dolly go by herself. In this story, it is seen that her ego is overlapping the superego. Furthermore, by this analyze, it can know that the possessiveness of Dolly to Pup leads anxiety in his life. It is categorized as neurotic anxiety.

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