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Aesthetic & Narcissistic as reflected by Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde`s The Picture of Dorian Gray

ARIO, NUGROHO AJI (2016) Aesthetic & Narcissistic as reflected by Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde`s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This is a qualitative descriptive research which is aimed at analyzing aesthetic and narcissistic of Dorian Gray. The data were collected by using library research method. The objective of the research is to find out the development of aesthetic and narcissistic in Dorian Gray after he met the man who influenced him. The analysis was done by structural approach to present all the analysis on the general description, conflict, and setting, while psychological approach was used to analyze the psychological condition of Dorian Gray as the main character which belongings to aesthetic and narcissistic person. The result of this analysis shows that aesthetic and narcissistic of Dorian Gray leads him into destruction of his life. It appeared when Dorian Gray was influenced and adopted Lord Henry’s theory about aesthetic value so that he always praised the beauty and just sought the pleasure. He also exaggerated his beauty and young. Even he was obsessed and envied toward his portrait or self-reflection, because his portrait stayed beautiful and young while he would be aging. That is why he is afraid for getting old. Extremely, his personality, the way he thinks, and behavior change. He became a wicked person and even had no pity or lack of empathy to the other character. For him, beauty and young are everything. He felt without them, he was nothing. Therefore, those all led him to become narcissistic person and the destruction of his life.

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