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Genre Analysis of Dr. Bilal Philips` Friday Sermon

HERMAWATI, HERMIN (2017) Genre Analysis of Dr. Bilal Philips` Friday Sermon. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This thesis is entitled Genre Analysis in Dr. Bilal Philips’ Friday Sermon. It aims to describe genre analysis of Friday sermon by Dr. Bilal Philips which consists of the social function, the schematic structure, and the linguistic feature. The researcher used purposive random sampling in selecting the data. The data were analysed by using descriptive qualitative method and the framework used is Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL) with theory purposed by Gerrot and Wignell. Based on the analysis, there are 1577 clauses found. From the clauses that have been analyzed, it is revealed that the social function of these sermons is to persuade Muslims in the world to following the various commands of the Prophet SAW and avoiding the various things which is prohibited, striving to do the things that he has recomended and striving to avoid the things that he has discourage. Then, the schematic structure of these sermons is Opening ^ Thesis ^ Argumentation ^ Recommendation ^ Closing. Moreover, the linguistic feature in this study is focused on three points, they are process, mood and tenses. The process that mostly used is relational process. It is because Dr. Bilal Philips gave a lot of explanation and he also share information to the congregation in his sermon, that is why process being and having is more used than the other process. Then, the mood used is mostly declarative It is because in order to persuade Muslims, Dr. Bilal Philips is sharing and explaining the information to the participants. Tenses used is mostly simple present tense because Dr. Bilal Philips used it to express the action or state in a present time, and to say something happens all the time or repeatedly, and also to explain the congregation about the topic raised in general.

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