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Semiotics Analysis of Oriflame Catalogue

PRISKA, NAZARETA HARMONI (2017) Semiotics Analysis of Oriflame Catalogue. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This research is entitled Semiotic Analysis of Oriflame Catalogue. This is a research about multidisciplinary study that covers semiotics in advertisements from Oriflame Catalogue 15, 2016 published online at www.oriflame.uk. The researcher tried to enlighten the messages and explain the verbal language that hook to implications of the advertisements. In conducting the study, the researcher used Peirce’s semiotic theory published on 1931. The researcher used purposive samplings in taking the data. The method of this study was descriptive qualitative in which the researcher described the result of the analysis systematically. From the advertisements, the message that is conveyed in the first advertisement is that the advertiser shows the products to make the consumers to have unique scent. Meanwhile the second, the third and the fourth advertisements show the advertisers’ point of view about the products that they can be the perfect gifts in Christmas. By presenting happy models and perfect look, the advertiser can convince the readers that the products are good quality that will make their look perfect. In the first and fifth advertisements, the advertiser presents some models with some kinds of characteristics that claimed by the advertiser as the representation of the products. Furthermore, the tagline of the advertisements can also persuades the readers about the messages that want to be delivered by the advertiser. Based on the research, the researcher concludes that Oriflame Advertisement is making the products looks having good beauty effects toward the consumers.

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