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The Real Intact Identity of Briony Tallis in Joe Wright’s Film Atonement

ADI, WISNU BRATA (2017) The Real Intact Identity of Briony Tallis in Joe Wright’s Film Atonement. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    The Real Intact Identity of Briony Tallis in Joe Wright’s Film Atonement is the title of this thesis, that is aimed at revealing The Real Intact Identity of Briony Tallis; the main subject of this research. In conducting the research, descriptive qualitative method was used to find the Real in Briony’s psyche. Besides that, there are two approaches applied to analyze the data: structural and psychological. Structural approach was used to analyze the structural elements of literary works such as the general description of the main character, conflicts, and setting described in the story. Then, the psychological approach of Jacques Lacan was used to analyze the Real in Briony’s psyche. By using the structural approach, it is found that during her early phase, she grows up with some crucial characteristic such as enthusiastic, curious, selfish, and naive. Through the revelation of her autobiographical novel, Briony became a kind of wise person at her elderly phase. The existence of Jacques Lacan's theories helps the researcher find the truth Atonement that is not only intended as a medium to atone her past mistaken judgment but also inclined to reveal the real deepest desire of her existences, viz, as a great and also wise writer. As the main subject of this analysis, she also experiences some external and internal conflicts during her lifetime. Her conflict against Robbie and Cecilia is a kind of external conflict that can be stated as the main conflict in her life path. The internal conflict experienced by Briony was reflected when she must interpret the realities during her life that were significantly depended on her capacity and also the quality of understanding to decide the proper action that will be chosen at that moment. Based on the context of time and space on each series of details scene, the settings in this film are divided into 2 parts that are concluded as follows: before and after the misjudgment of Briony Tallis. The setting of social context also exists in this film, viz, high social class and WWII. The brave of Briony to face the jouissance of transgression (the transgression of pleasure) has led her to find out a surplus jouissance or agalma or objet a petite or the Real or The Real Intact Identity. Even though it was contrary to the norm value, it can be stated as a brilliant option but also can be judged as a reckless way to solve every misconception that intended to understand the realities itself. The creative efforts to think outside the box by exploring the unfamiliar zone like what Briony had done can be a real solution to actualize higher self-civilization that supposed to be coherent with the technological development itself.

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