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Clause Complex Analysis in the 1945 Constitution of the State of the Republic of Indonesia

RETNO, YULIASTUTI (2017) Clause Complex Analysis in the 1945 Constitution of the State of the Republic of Indonesia. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This thesis is entitled Clause complex analysis in the 1945 Constitution of the State of Republic of Indonesia. The main object of this thesis is to find out the interdependency and logico-semantic relation using the theory of Systemic Functional Linguistic as stated by Halliday (2014). The data was taken from http://djpp.depkumham.go.id/ on October, 30th 2016. This research is conducting descriptive-qualitative method to get factual and accurate findings. The 1945 Constitution has 207 clauses which 87 of those are simplex clauses. Clause simplex is a single clause unit that has only one predicator. It is divided into two: clause simplex without embedded clause and clause simplex with embedded clause. There are 70 clause simplexes (80,4%) without embedding. The use of embedding is to show light explanations of every subsection in the data without any forethought or additional information. Clause simplexes with embedding are used in 17 clauses or 19,6%. On the other hand, there are 120 clause complex used in the data. Clause complex is the link of two or more clauses joined together. The system of clause complex is divided into two: interdependency and logico-semantic relation. The interdependency that is mostly used in the data is hypotaxis with 88 clauses or 73,3%. Hypotaxis process explains other clauses to make the information clearer and understandable by using dependent clause. Parataxis process is used in 32 clauses or 26,7% because it adds new information in the form of independent clause. For logico-semantic relation, there are 54 elaboration processes of expansion used in the data. It happens because elaboration process provides further information by giving restatement or exemplification. Besides, the extension process of expansion is used in 32 clauses and enhancement process is used in 33 clauses. Extension adds new information to another clause by using conjunction. Enhancement provides new information to another clause by using circumstance such as causal, spatial and conditional. Projection process of logico-semantic relation is only used in one clause because the 1945 Constitution emphasizes only on the explanation of the complex law of Indonesia.

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