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Translation Techniques Used in the Indonesian Translation of “THE PURPLE SMURFS” COMIC

YASSINTA, OKTAVIANI (2017) Translation Techniques Used in the Indonesian Translation of “THE PURPLE SMURFS” COMIC. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    Yassinta Oktaviani.2017. Translation Techniques Used in the Indonesian Translation of “THE PURPLE SMURFS” COMIC. English Study Program, Dian Nuswantoro University. Advisor: A Soerjowardhana, M.Pd. Keywords:Translation Techniques, The Purple Smurf Comic, Language, Translation, Utterances This thesis is entitled Translation Techniques Used in the Indonesian Translation of “The Purple Smurfs” comic.The objectives of the study is to analyze the translation techniques which is used and dominantly used in “The Purple Smurf” comic written by Peyo. The data were taken from two websites, there are http://comicscall.net/tags/The+Smurfs+comics/ for the English Version (source language) and http://colorfullreaders.blogspot.co.id/2013/12/download-komik-smurf-bahasa-indonesia.html for the Indonesian Version (target language). The researcher used qualitative method. After analyzing the data, it is found that there are 251 utterances stated in each conversation of the comic book. Firstly is Reduction technique, it has 49 utterances with percentage 19.52%. Secondly there are 31 utterances which use Discursive Creation technique, with percentage 12.35%. Thirdly there are found Literal technique with percentage 16.33% with 41 utterances. Then there are 65 utterances which is called Borrowing technique with percentage 25.9%. The other technique is Compensation technique which has 4 utterances with percentage 1.6%. The next technique is Particularization which has 17 utterances with percentage 6.78%. Besides, the Calque technique has 15 utterances with 5.98%. In addition there are Substitution and Transposition techniques which have 8 utterances each, equal to 3.18%. Moreover there are 8 utterances, using Modulation technique with the percentage 3.18%. The next is Established Equivalence technique which has percentage 0.8% and has 2 utterances. The last is Generalization, it has 3 utterances with overall percentage 1.2%. The technique which is dominantly used by the translator in the comic book is Borrowing technique.

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