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An Appraisal Analysis of a Bradley Colburn’s Review on Gameplay Walkthrough Videos

REZA, WICAKSONO MEDIKA (2017) An Appraisal Analysis of a Bradley Colburn’s Review on Gameplay Walkthrough Videos. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    The researcher uses (Martin & Rose, 2005)’s framework to understand deeper about the realization each aspect of Attitude, Graduation and Engagement from Bradley Colburn’s evaluations toward the game Uncharted 4. The method used was qualitative one while the data were taken from the first four gameplay videos of Uncharted 4 in Bradley’s YouTube channel TheRadBrad. The steps to analyze the data are transcribing every utterance in the videos, segmenting their clauses, identifying the appraisal items, and categorizing the clauses according to the appraisal system. The result showed that appreciation of things were mostly used in evaluating the game (78,1%), with affect items that were not as much as appreciation of things (18,8) and followed by judgment (3,1%). In graduation aspect, the researcher also found that Bradley often used force (96,8%) rather than focus (3,1%) in intensifying meaning. In engagement aspect, the researcher found that all Bradley’s evaluations came out from his own mind which can be categorized Monogloss source (100%). The conclusion is that Bradley’s evaluations about the game are considered positive and he actually likes the game.

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