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Politeness strategy used by Louanne Johnson In Dangerous Mind Movie

NURYANTO, (2012) Politeness strategy used by Louanne Johnson In Dangerous Mind Movie. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    The title of this thesis research is Politeness Strategies used by Louanne Johnson in Dangerous Mind movie. The research data were taken from http/ www.imsdb.com/ dangerious-mind.html. The movie was presented by Hollywood Pictures on August 11, 1995. Politeness itself, according to Brown and Levinson (1987), is how people behave in a way that attempts in considering the feeling of their addressee. To reveal politeness, people need certain strategies and usually they have their own different strategies. This thesis has two objectives. First, it is aimed at finding out the types politeness strategies are used by Louanne Johnson. Second, it is aimed at finding out the factors are influencing the use of those strategies. In discovering the types of politeness strategies used by her, the theory of politeness strategies of Brown and Levinson (1987) was used to analyze the data. There are four main politeness strategies: Bald On Record, Positive Politeness, Negative Politeness, and Off Record. The data were utterances from Louanne Johnson only. In analyzing the data, the researcher used the qualitative descriptive approach. As the result in this thesis analysis, it has been found that Ms. Johnson has done the politeness strategies. The frequencies of the result are: Positive Politeness for 30 times, Bald On Record for 12 times, Negative Politeness for 9 times, and Off Record for 6 times. The most politeness strategies used by Louanne Johnson is positive politeness. Also, there are three factors are influencing the choice of using certain politeness strategy. They are age, social status, and formality.

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