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Translation of Slangs in the Subtitle of "Despicable Me" Movie

P., ARKIKI DEVINA (2012) Translation of Slangs in the Subtitle of "Despicable Me" Movie. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    The thesis is entitled Translation of Slangs in the Subtitle of Despicable Movie. It is aimed at finding out the slangs and its types of slang and also discussing whether its equivalence in the translation of Despicable movie's subtitle. Documentation method was used in collecting the data. The data collected were analyzed by reading the data which is the utterances and the subtitle of the movie. In doing the analysis, the researcher using the theory of the types of slang from Encyclopedia Britannica (1961) vol 20, pp 766-769. The researcher found 39 slangs word used in the utterances. There are 3 word clippings of 39 (7.7%), 12 compoundings of 39 (30.8%), 5 abbreviations of 39 (12.8%), 6 generalizations of proper name of 39 (15.4%), and 13 extension of meanings by analogy of 39 (33.3%). The highest percentage is the extension of meanings by analogy (33.3%) and word clipping is the lowest percentage (7.7%). Not all of the slangs are translated into slangs in Indonesian. Some of English slangs have the slang words in Indonesian, while the others do not. In this research, the researcher also found that culture influences the use of slang in both languages. Finally, the researcher concludes that slang is used by the people to make the conversation become more relaxed. The use of slang depends on whom the people are talking with and what the culture of the speaker is.

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