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Macbeth's Motives behind His Ambition to be the King of Scotland as Revealed in Shakespeare's Macbeth

MARUS, ASTODHI WIDHI (2012) Macbeth's Motives behind His Ambition to be the King of Scotland as Revealed in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This thesis entitled "Macbeth's Motives behind His Ambition to be The King of Scotland Revealed in Shakespeare's Macbeth's�, present the ambition of the main character as his motive to be the King of Scotland in Shakespearea's Macbeth. There are two methods applied in this thesis they are library research method and approach. Library research method is used to gain references dealing with the object of analysis. While approaches used here are structural approach and psychological approach. Structural approach was used to analyze the structural elements of this Drama, like character and conflict. Psychological approach was used to analyze the motives behind ambition of Macbeth through his behavior. The result of the analysis shows that the main character in this drama is Macbeth. Macbeth is described as a loyal, brave, curious, unstable, ambitious, cruel, loveable, doubtful, fearful, anxiety, manipulative, provocative and arrogant. Macbeth belongs to protagonist. Macbeth's character has several changes in his life from the beginning until the end of this play. It starts when he is a brave soldier, until he died by his ambition itself. For the first time Macbeth is loyal to King Duncan, he begins to change completely after he knows the prophecy about being Thane of Cawdor is really happening. He changes from good sides into the evil sides. As the main character, Macbeth also experiences two kinds of conflict, they are internal (person against herself) and external conflict (person against person). Macbeth's internal conflict when Macbeth is faced by problems, such us hesitating to determine what he has to do, anxiety which leads him into evil and ambition that is supposed to be reach. Macbeth has realized, what he has done is some kind of ambition that leads him into big trouble and it makes him more worried about himself. At the last, Macbeth decides to finish his own purpose but unfortunately he cannot take it. Macbeth's external conflicts when Macbeth is encountered by problems, such as people around Macbeth who do not want Macbeth to be King of Scotland and even Lady Macbeth as his wife and Banquo as his friend who support Macbeth. Those external conflicts lead Macbeth becomes insane. Finally, Macbeth's motives behind his ambition to be the the King of Scotland cannot reach at all. Because of his ambition, he has a motive to become the King of Scotland. He wants to maintain his reputation to complete his ambition to be the King of Scotland, but he cannot take it at the end. Macbeth is murdered by Macduff.

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