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Hedda's Motive to Commit Suicide in Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

PRITA, HAPSARI FEBRIANA (2012) Hedda's Motive to Commit Suicide in Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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    This thesis entitled Hedda's motive to commit suicide, present the motive of the main character to commit suicide in Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. There are two methods applied in this thesis they are library research method and approach. Library research method is used to gain references dealing with the object of analysis. While approaches used here are structural approach and psychological approach. Structural approach was used to analyze the structural elements of the drama, like character and conflict. Psychological approach was used to analyze the Hedda's motive to commit suicide through her behavior. The result of the analysis shows that the main character in this drama is Hedda. Hedda is described as mysterious, cold, rude, and pretender woman. She belongs to round and dynamic person since she gets married. She becomes getting bored easily, tricky, unsatisfied, jealous, and curious. As the main character Hedda also experiences two kinds of conflict, they are internal (person against herself) and external conflict (person against person, person agsinst environment). Hedda's internal conflict when she regret married with George Tesman her husband, she feels that Tesman is not like her wish. Hedda also experiences external conflict against against Mrs. Elvsted with her flowing hair, slight figure, big blue eyes, and naturally sweet demeanor, is the perfect picture of a Victorian housewife. Hedda againsts Lovborg happens when he come back in the town and bring unpredictable news to release a new book, Hedda feels that he is gonna be competitor for her husband. Moreover he is a Hedda's past experience. Hedda's conflict againsts Judge Brack when he knew about the owner of the weapon is Hedda's pistol. There will be a scandal. As long as she does what he wants, he won't tell anyone. Hedda is controlled by Judge. He tries to blackmail her into having an affair with him. Finally Hedda's motive to commit suicide is she cannot be life in depressed. She fells depressed and thinks that she never find a power and a freedom, she doesnÃ't want life in someone's control of. And then she decided to commit suicide to end her problem

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