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The Clashes Of Jean Baptiste Grenouille In Patrick Suskind's Perfume

NIKEN, KARDATI (2013) The Clashes Of Jean Baptiste Grenouille In Patrick Suskind's Perfume. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      ABSTRACT This thesis entitlded The Clashes of Jean Baptiste Grenouille in Patrick Suskind Perfume. The objective of study is to analyze the conflicts experienced by the protagonist in Patrick Suskind Perfume. Library research method is used to gain reference dealing with the object of analysis. While approach used here is strucrural approach. Structural approach was used to analyze the structural elements of literary work, like character and conflict. The result of the analysis shows that the protagonist of the story is Jean Baptiste Grenouille. He is described as a person who has short body, ugly face, hunched body, unexpressive face, awkward posture, strong body, unusual nose and midget posture. Grenouille is a major character in patrick Suskind Perfume.He belongs to round and dynamic character, his character undergoes several changes in his life from the beginning until the end. Grenouille experiences external and internal conflict. The conflicts are Grenouille against his mother, Grenouille against Jeanne Busie, Grenouille against Terrier, Grenouille against Madame Gailard, Grenouille against Baldini, Grenouille against Anthonie Richie, and Grenouille against Grasse Citizen and finally Grenouille against himself. His conflict happened when he was born until he died. As the result, the conflicts influence the development of Grenouille as the main character of Patrick Suskind Perfume. Keywords: Clashes and Grenouille

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