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Register Realization in the DC Improv Stand-up Comedy

ABID, MUFRI (2013) Register Realization in the DC Improv Stand-up Comedy. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This thesis is entitled Register Realization in the DC Improv Stand-up Comedy. The number of data in this research were 2 videos of the stand-up comedy and the comedians perform in the stand-up comedy are Heather Renee and Terry Biddle. The writer uses purposive sampling method when collecting the data, then the data used in this research were obtained by downloading the videos from You Tube. The result of this research shows that the description of field of discourse in the stand-up comedy covers experiential domain of the discourse of the stand-up comedy is about Heather Renee's personal experience and black people or "Nigger". The short-term goal is that Heather Renee and Terry Biddle as the comedians wanted to amuse and entertain the listeners or the readers by telling Heather's personal experience and black people or "Nigger" with some jokes inside it. The long-term goal describes that Heather Renee as the comedian might want to do the better thing in her life in the future while Terry Biddle might want to see all people in America, black or white people could use the word "Nigger" easily and legally in the future. Tenor of discourse covers the agentive or social roles are the relationship between the comedians and the audiences. The status between the comedians and the audiences is unequal. Besides that, social distance in the stand-up comedy is maximal. The description of mode covers the role of language in this stand-up comedy is anciliary. Then, type of interaction is monologic while the medium of this data is spoken as well as the channel is phonic and graphic. Next, the rhetorical Mode of this stand-up comedy is narrative.

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