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Register Realization on Discourse of Speech of Barrack Obama Victory Speech

CLAUDYA, WIJAYATI KURNIA (2013) Register Realization on Discourse of Speech of Barrack Obama Victory Speech. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This thesis entitled Register in Barack Obama Victory Speech. This research covers three objectives of the study and those are aimed at describing the contextual describtion of mode, tenor and field. In conducting this research, the researcher employed some steps in collecting the data. Those are Searching the data in the internet, choosing the data, downloading the video and its transcript. Then in conducting the analysis, the researcher employs some steps and those are reading the transcript, Segmenting the data in the form of clause, The clauses were analyzed in term of transitivity system, After the clauses were analyzed in term of transitivity, the second step was were analyzed in term of mood, The last step is analyzing in term of theme and rheme, Next, classifying register variables of every clause found in the speech transcript and discussing the contextual description of each variables using the theories of Systemic Functional Linguistics provided by David Butt and the last is interpreting the data. The result of this research shows that relational attributive process is the most dominant type of processes produced by the president Barack Obama in his victory speech. In this case, Barack Obama gives information to the people who come to his speech. Barack Obama tells the audience that Americans should not be worry because he will bring democracy to America. Meanwhile, Barack Obama also produced declarative mood type in his speech. Barack Obama stated that he convince his people that they do not need to be worry about the democracy in their country because he will change it into a better country as what Americans want.

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