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Communication Strategies of Non-Native Speaker to Native-Speaker conversation in an English conversation.

PRANES, SETYAWAN ADI (2013) Communication Strategies of Non-Native Speaker to Native-Speaker conversation in an English conversation. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      The thesis is entitled Communication Strategies Used by Non-Native Speakers to Native Speaker in an English Conversation. It has one objective. It is aimed at finding out kinds of communication strategies that are used by non-native English speakers. The data is a casual conversation taken from non-native English speakers. The subject of this study was two people, they are Karina (non-native speaker) and Bryant (native speaker). The qualitative descriptive method is used to analyze the data and it functions to describe the kinds of communication strategies by non-native English speakers. After analyzing the data, it is found that the non-native speaker almost used all communication strategies in the conversation. Modification devices (Backchannel cues 40.74% or 22 turns, Clarification request 9.26% or 5 turns, Comprehension check 3.70% or 2 turns, Confirmation check 3.70% or 2, Pausing 22.25% or 12 turn, and Self repair 3.70% or 2 turns), Paralinguistic aspect (Gesture 1.85% or 1 turn and Mime 1.85%% or 1 turn), L1 – based (Language switching 5.55% or 3 turns and Foreignizing 1.85% or 1 turn), L2 – based (Appeal 1.85% or 1 turn) and Avoidance (Message 1.85% or 1 turnavoidance and Topic avoidance 1.85% or 1 turn). The strategies which not used are: approximation and circumlocution in L-2 based strategy. It is because non-native speaker does not have enough language skill to communicate with foreigner. It means communication strategies can help her to face communication problems. The reason of using communication strategies are to maintain the utterances run smoothly, so that the interlocutors can understand the meaning of the conversation. The result shows that the most of used communication strategies as “waiting time” to stall time, to think and to recall the next words to convey their meaning in conversation.

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