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WAHYUNINGSIH, (2014) VAGUE LANGUAGE USED ON CNN.COM. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This thesis is entitled “Vague Language Used on CNN.com”. This study focuses on analyzing the types of vague language and its functions on CNN.com. The problems of this study are (1) what types of vague language are used on CNN.com? (2) What is the function of vague language used on CNN.com?. The purpose of this study is to find out the types of vague language and to explain the function of vague language used on CNN.com. This research is qualitative study that employs descriptive qualitative method. The data covers the sentences, which contain vague language in news articles on CNN.com. In conducting this research, the researcher explains the types of vague language and its function based on the theoretical framework developed by Channell (1994). The finding shows that in news articles there are 52 sentences containing vague language. Through the detailed analysis, the researcher found three types of vague language. They are 27 vague additives, realized by 17 approximations and 10 adjectives, 24 vague implicative realized by 3 numbers, 13 quantifiers and 8 exaggerations and one vague reference realized noun. Moreover, vague language is frequently used in this news because there are several functions. Finally, the researcher interpreted that the functions of vague language on CNN.com is making information about the number more informative when the absolute number is not clear enough. Since this news is about natural disaster, therefore, the most information is about the number of incidents. Hence vague language is used to supply the number of information when specific number is lacking for the number is too big. In addition, vague language is used to fill gap for the information that the reporter does not exactly know. So that, vague language is used for hedging the reporter’s statement when the incident that is reported is not precise.

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