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Olivia’s motive to fulfill her mother’s last request in Fern Michaels’ Fool Me Once

KUSDIAN, SUSILOWATI (2014) Olivia’s motive to fulfill her mother’s last request in Fern Michaels’ Fool Me Once. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This thesis entitled “Olivia’s Motive to Fulfill her Mother’s Last Request in Fern Michaels’ Fool Me Once”, presents the hard work of the main character as her motive to fulfill her mother’s last request in Fern Michaels’ Fool Me Once”. This is a qualitative descriptive study. Meanwhile, the data were collected by library research method to gain references dealing with the object of analysis. Structural approach was used to analyze the structural element of this Novel, like character, conflicts, settings, and plot. Psychological approach was used to analyze the motive behind desires and depression of Olivia through her behavior. The result of the analysis shows that the protagonist in this novel is Olivia. She is described as mature, natural / casual, independent, smart, curious, creative, well organized, professional, wise, extrovert, responsible, ambitious, strong, hardworking, honest, friendly, and generous. Olivia’s character has many sides or complex, but she does not change in her life from beginning until the end of this novel. Olivia belongs to round static. As the protagonist, Olivia also experiences internal and external conflicts. The internal conflict which happens to Olivia is the conflict within her mind and her action. This conflict appears because she did not believe that her father lies about her mother who actually did not die at her childbirth but just two weeks before. She also depresses and down when she feels that she is alone to face the problems. She also experiences the external conflict with the persons around her such as; Mr. O’Brien, her Father, Jeff, Clarance, Jill, Jill’s husband Gill, Jill’s daughter Mary Louise, and Lea. There are several settings of places in this story, such as Oxford, Mississippi, Moss Teahouse, Winchester, Virginia at the Hospital, inside the house, inside Adrian’s house, 99 High Street, Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Summerville, South Carolina. There are several of times such as 1966, 1971, February, and 2005. The last is setting of social categorized into high class; because Olivia and her father have their own studio of animal photography inside of their house. Olivia is also an heir of mail order Company that it’s a multimillion dollar business. Olivia has some of desires that she wants to achieve. There are several Olivia’s desires such as desire to be touched by a mother, to share the problem, to live peacefully, to get the solution, to live a life, and to live a normal life. She also has a motive, that is love from a mother because she never received such a little belongingness and love needs from a mother. So that is why she is over motivated to find a belongingness and love, just to fulfill her belongingness and love needs. Finally Olivia’s depression. She experiences depression also when she is buried alive in the snow because the fort around her, collapsed she gasps. She also feels sad when she sees the snow. She hates snow especially when she is at home alone.

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