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Translation Techniques Found In Subtitle Text of “Monster University” Movie

EKO, PUTRANTO HERU (2014) Translation Techniques Found In Subtitle Text of “Monster University” Movie. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This article presents how to analyze the translation technique used in the “Monster University” movie by the translator to know what is the most used technique to conveying the message from the SL to the TL. The researcher used a descriptive qualitative technique since the purpose of this article is to analyze whether the translation technique used is proper in the TL situation or not. Else descriptive qualitative method is used when the data is not countable that’s why this method suit this article’s data well since the researcher will use the utterance in the said movie. The data will be taken from the main character’s utterance of this movie, Mike Wazowski, as how to collect the data the researcher download the movie, watch the movie both in English and Indonesian subtitle and write the utterance of the main character and analyzed it by comparing the subtitles and the description and example of the translation techniques that researcher has read before. Based on the analysis that has been done, there are few types of translation techniques used in this movie. The translator mostly use literal translation technique to translate the movie subtitle because of the genre of this movie that mainly aims the child. The researcher needs to pay an attention to the rules of each translation technique to find the correct analysis.

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