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Patriarchy and Independent Women in Eliza Sommers Character in Daughter of Fortune

ARIANI, C SUGIASTININGTYAS (2014) Patriarchy and Independent Women in Eliza Sommers Character in Daughter of Fortune. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      This paper discusses patriarchy, women in Victorian Era, independent woman experience by Eliza Sommers in Daughter of Fortune. Patriarchy is a system of male domination to women in every aspect of life. A woman who pays her own bill, buys her own things, and does not allow man to affect her stability or self-confidence; She supports herself on her own entirely and is proud to be able to do so is called independent woman. Eliza as the main character classified as round dynamic character. Her character is changing as the story flow. She describes as a young talented girl, obedient, strong and brave. When she met Joaquin, the rebellious of Eliza showed. During her voyage, she becomes desperate and hopeless, afraid that she was going to die. But in the end of the story, Eliza turns into an independent woman that has no fear of everything. Dealing with plot, it began with the presence of baby Eliza in the Sommers house. She was raised with full of discipline by Miss Rose. Until she met Joaquin and fall in love with him, they soon arrange a secret meeting. Joaquin went to San Francisco to find gold, Eliza with her pregnancy follows him to San Francisco. She heard rumors than Joaquin Andieta turn into Joaquin Murieta, a famous bandit. Eliza feels tired chasing Joaquin shadow. The news of Joaquin Murieta death is everywhere. The head and body was displayed at San Francisco. Eliza went there and she was in silent seeing the head of Joaquin Murieta. She stepped outside and she said that she is free. Patriarchy and women in Victorian Era is showed on Eliza childhood. She was raised with strict norm that women should be grace, no need high education. She wears layer of layers gown and corset that makes her cannot breathe. She spent most her time in the house, learning some skill that women should have to taking care of their families. Her search of Joaquin makes her becomes an independent woman, She makes money to living. She can make decision for herself. She is in charge for her own life. The day she decided to wear her gown, but of course without the corset; she took her picture and along with the letter she writes, sends it to Miss Rose. Eliza did not want to go home in Valparaiso, Chile. She wants to start her new life in San Francisco.

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