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A Prophecy Reveals An Identity Of Eternity AS Reflected By Gwendolyn Shepherd In Kerstin Giers` Emerald Green

RAHAYU, ANDRIASTUTI NOFI (2015) A Prophecy Reveals An Identity Of Eternity AS Reflected By Gwendolyn Shepherd In Kerstin Giers` Emerald Green. Skripsi,Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

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      Emerald Green is the last book of trilogy which tells about Gwendolyn Shepherd or Gwen as the last member of time traveler. Her elapsion to past time gives her some secrets hidden from her through a prophecy. Symbols in verses of prophecy, the time traveler’s tool to elapse which contains icons, and the sequences of cause and effect events bring her to reveal the secret which explain in the prophecy. Based on those, the researcher is interested to analyze the prophecy appeared in Emerald Green. Moreover, in this third book, Gwendolyn finally can reveal the secret in the prophecy. The objectives of this thesis that the researcher wants to deliver are to describe the general description of Gwendolyn as the main character, to describe the conflict and setting experienced by Gwendolyn, and to explain the symbols, icons, and indeces which relate to the conflict, setting, and Gwendolyn’s characters. The decriptive qualitative method and library reseach have been chosen to analyze this research for gaining some information, both main source and supported sources. The researcher analyze the general description, conflict, and setting using structural approach. Meanwhile, for analyzing the symbols, icons, and indeces, the researcher using semiotic approach. The result of the study shows that Gwendolyn or Gwen is described as a time traveler, brave girl, the twelfth, ruby, curious girl, high spirit person, and an immortal. She experiences internal conflict againts herself and external conflict againts Charlotte, the guardian, Conte Madrone’s ghost, Lord Alaistair, and Count Saint Germain. There are some symbols, icons, and indeces found in the analysis that lead her to reveal the secret of the prophecy.

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